Ofsted 2012 –  “This is a good school.”

“The headteacher provides strong and sensitive leadership, and good teamwork is supporting the school’s development well.”


Head-Miss Jess Butler 

Deputy Head- Mrs Lyn Moore

SENDCO – Mrs Penny Blow

Early Years Leader – Mrs Carolyn Hanwell

Key Stage 1 leader – Mrs Jo Staples

Key Stage 2 leader – Mrs Stephanie Goldstein

School Business Manager – Mrs Ann Greenaway

Inclusion Support – Miss Sue Shaw

Premises Manager – Geoff Marshall


Early Years

Nursery – Rainbows: (am) Mrs Montanheiro, Mrs Rowan, Miss Bolton and Miss Hoare

Nursery – Rainbows: (pm) Mrs Speckels, Mrs Rowan, Miss Bolton and Miss Hoare


Reception – Red Class: Mrs Warren & Mrs Pell

Reception – Orange Class: Mrs Hanwell & Mrs Willmott


Key Stage 1

Year 1 – Gold Class: Ms Hazeldine

Year 1 – Silver Class: Miss Janes


Year 2 – Scarlet Class: Mrs Staples

Year 2 – Blue Class: Mrs Watson


Key Stage 2

Year 3 – Green Class: Mrs James and Mrs Bell

Year 3 – Yellow Class: Mrs Harrison


Year 4 / 5 – Turquoise Class: Mrs Bee

Year 4 / 5 –Indigo Class: Miss Halsted

Year 4 / 5 –Lilac Class: Mrs Angel-Murray


Year 6 – Violet Class: Miss Cheswick

Year 6 – Magenta Class: Mrs Goldstein


Teaching Assistants :

Early Years – Miss Wright, Miss Soden ( maternity leave), Ms Nightingale, Mrs Macdonald, Mrs Wilson, Mrs Howard, Mrs Da Silva and Mrs Howes

Key Stage 1 – Mrs Massie, Mrs Belton, Mr Shears, Mrs Buzkham ,Mrs Shaw Mrs Kent and Miss Walton.

Key Stage 2- Ms Brinkley, Mrs Pollard, Mrs Arundell, Mrs James, Mrs Ballantyne, Mrs Craig, Mr Leader, Mrs Howe and Mrs Knott



Office and Administration Staff

School Business Manager – Mrs Ann Greenaway

Administrative Assistant – Mrs Ann Bates

Administrative Assistant – Mrs Louise Gee


Lunchtime Supervisors

Senior Lunchtime Supervisor – Mrs Val Couchman

Lunchtime Supervisors – Mrs Caroline Wilde, Mrs Gemma Pierce and Mrs Carla Webb


Kitchen Staff

Cook – Mrs Karan Marshall

Assistants – Mrs Tracy Mee and Mrs Donna Manfredi


Cleaning Staff

Mrs Karan Marshall, Mrs Tracy Mee, Mrs Carla Webb, Mrs Valerie Couchman and Mrs Pauline Hines