Kilvrough Blog 2017


Climbing on the Cliffs

Monday 27th March 2017


We have all arrived safe and sound, the pupils are currently writing their letters home, so hopefully they will be with your very soon!

The food so far has been fantastic and we have spent the afternoon exploring the manor house, trying on all of our equipment and remembering where everything is.

We have also been working in our activity teams on some team building activities and thinking about putting our learning skills into practice, helping us to become; resilient, creative, purposeful and risk takers!

Giant golf ball maze

Low Rope course

TEAM A : “Today we have done a team building obstacle course to help us communicate with each other.”

TEAM B: “We get to have so much fun. The activities are cool. The bedrooms are awesome! So far we have done team building exercises.”

TEAM C: “First day at Kilvrough has been amazing, exciting and FUN!”

TEAM D: “Today we got to meet our team leaders and see how well we work as a team. We had a go at a rope course but did no complete it, although we did get close.”

This is all we have time to say now we are going out for a scavenger hunt and another exploration around the grounds.

Speak to you all soon.  Mr Leader

Tuesday 28th March 2017

Sorry for being late with updates this evening. The problem is we have been having too much fun but we are just about to settle down and go to bed.

Today we have been canoeing and climbing. We really have been pushing ourselves in terms of being risk takers and responsible learners.

Climbing on the beach

GROUP A: “Today we had an amazing time doing rock climbing. Some people were so brave doing the abseiling. Everyone tried the climbing even people who were scared of heights because we were effective communicators which helped us to be resilient.”

GROUP B: “What a fantastic experience and an adventure packed day that has really set off the week. The climbing and abseiling were incredible and everyone was so proud of their achievements.”


Fantastic view the weather was only slightly soggy!


Learning how to belay (secure a rope for a climber)

GROUP C: “We went canoeing it was really exciting, fun and cool. We can’t wait to find out what we are doing tomorrow. We are hoping for dry weather so that we can explore the caves.”



GROUP D: “Today we went canoeing, it was hard at times to paddle in the right direction, but we all had lots of fun. At the end we even got to jump into the water if we wanted to. Which was very cold and meant a very soggy trip back to the centre in the bus!”


Watch out for that post!

I said left… no, not that left your other left!

The food has once again been fantastic, sausages for breakfast, curry or sweet and sour for dinner this evening with the most amazing apple and blackberry fruit crumble and custard. It was so good Ms. Brinkley wanted seconds!

This evening we have been solving team challenges around the manor house, including radiation removal, a minefield and tower building!


We have had another fun filled wet and wonderful day here in Wales. Unfortunately we are having some connection issues due to the weather so I am unable to add pictures but will try again in the morning. Hopefully some of you might have received some letters from our  residents including a few that were sent back to school. Here is what each of the groups has been up to today! (Mr Leader)

GROUP A: “Today we went caving. It was amazing! (but freezing) We painted our faces with the wet sticky mud. We even got ourselves flushed down the toilet! (Not a real one, but a hole in the cave that has water running through it.) It was very cold at the bottom. The water was running up over the tops of our boots it felt horrible. We were really encouraging each other and being effective communicators to help each other to accomplish our cave mission.”

GROUP B: “It was a ‘toilet-tastic’ day! We went caving and got very wet because we were in the toilet! (which has lots of water in it.) We were freezing by the end. Sam fell over because of the strong current, it was funny. We all helped each other and developed our teamwork, everyone fell over at least twice (including Ms Brinkley!) Our skills for the day were to push ourselves to be self motivated and develop our teamwork by being effective communicators.

GROUP C: “We were late arriving at our climbing destination as a few members of our team were disorganised. Once we were there we worked as an effective team to ‘scramble’ across low level rocks to get to our climbing spot at Pobbles bay. We tried several different climbs which we found really hard because it was so wet and windy. But we were resilient and all managed to make it to the top! From their our next mission was to abseil back down to the bottom. This was very slippy on the rocks so some of us ended up using our knees to come back down.  A great day but we were all really happy to get back and use the nice warm showers when we returned to the centre.”

GROUP D: “Today we went rock climbing and abseiling, we were responsible and self motivated learners as we had to carry all of our own equipment from the car park down to the beach where we were climbing. Everyone was very supporting of each other and we encouraged our team mates to be risk takers and go as high as we could. We took shelter for lunch in a small cave out of the wind and the rain after which we went for a short coastal walk before scrambling ourselves up to the top of the cliff so we could attempt our abseils back down to the beach where we started. The first step is the hardest as you have to lean back over the edge. All of us stood over the edge looking down even if we could quite make it all the way down to the bottom. It was a brilliant day and the weather didn’t dampen our spirits as we all sang along to the Backstreet boys in the bus on the way home.”



Good morning all! Just a quick update, still unable to upload photos, it has been raining heavily overnight so it looks like we won’t be caving today. However there is a spectacular walk which will take us in behind a waterfall instead to look forward to! (Mr Leader)

GROUP A: “Today we went canoeing, it was so much fun! At the end a few of us jumped in the canal. Some jumped in 5 or 6 times! We were so good at working as a team. Mrs Moore was doing ‘head shoulders knees and jump’ in her canoe and slipped backwards. Mrs Moore also pulled the rope too fast at the end when getting the water back and pulled Lacey into the water. Alex (our instructor) was splashing everyone and we all got soaked! Some of the paddling was really hard, but we all persevered. We were also very effective communicators and risk takers.”

GROUP B: “Today we went canoeing and some of us jumped in at the end. Apart from a few who thought it was smarter not to. Our instructor Piers pushed Sam off the boat and into the water twice. We worked a lock and took it in turns to open and close the gates. As it is our last day we all have to get packed up and go to the shop. We don’t want to come home!”

GROUP C: “It was a muddy experience but it was worth it! We had to walk down 170 steps to get to a waterfall and it was very tiring. But so much fun! We got to go and walk in behind the waterfall, it was an amazing feeling. Nearly everyone put mud on their face. When jumping in muddy puddles we had to wear our wellies. We were resilient and walked over 2 miles altogether.”

GROUP D: “Today we went on a waterfall walk. We walked in behind a waterfall that was about 30 metres wide! It was a breath taking view. We learnt about how waterfalls are formed and about how the water changes colour due to either the rapids or the river carrying sediment along the river bed. In total we walked 34o steps down the valley side to the waterfall and back up. A robin stopped and joined us for lunch. We walked over 2 miles and saw 3 fantastic waterfalls also lots of smaller ones from streams that run into the river.”

Well that’s all folks. We have one day left and we are off to the beach! Hopefully the weather will be good and we will enjoy the rock pools and exploring round the coast. See you all soon!