Home Learning

Dear Parents, Carers and pupils,

We have been thinking very carefully about the kind of homework which we send home at Stephen Freeman Primary School.

In September, we asked all of the parents and carers to fill in a questionnaire.  One of the questions was about homework.  It was very clear that a lot of parents were not happy with the amount of homework ( 24%) and even more were not sure whether they thought it was good or not ( 49%).

We all know that sending sheets home for children to fill in as homework is not only boring but also has very little impact on how well the children understand something.

So, we have decided to do something a little bit different!

Each term, as the children start a new topic, a Home Learning Menu will be sent home with each child.

We have deliberately called it Home Learning rather than Homework.  We want everyone to be able to get involved with the learning together!

The Home Learning Menu will offer 9 possible activities which the children can choose to complete over the course of the topic at school.  The teachers will be thinking carefully about making sure they are covering a range of styles of learning. There will be research based tasks, DT/making tasks, writing tasks, discussion tasks, drawing tasks, activities which will require you to be imaginative and creative and some tasks which you can do outside.  We hope that you will find plenty of activities which you will enjoy on each Home Learning Menu.

There is no expectation for you to complete a task every week.  Equally, there is no expectation for you to complete all 9 activities. Anything which the children produce as a result of their home learning will be celebrated in their class and may be shared across the school for others to appreciate and enjoy.

Please continue to read with your child every day.  This could be time for you to read a story to your child, or for them to read to you.  You will still find teachers sending home key words or initial sound cards which need to be practiced as often as possible.  Regular practice of number bonds and times tables will also help to reinforce the fluency skills we need to be developing.

We all hope that this new style of Home Learning will be fun and engaging for everyone involved!

With very best wishes,

Miss J Butler