Reminder that the Centre has a Healthy Eating Policy

 Snack Times We Offer:

* milk or water not juice or fizzy drinks

*Fruit & vegetables, yogurts or rice cakes

Please help us to keep to our Healthy Eating Policy by:

* Providing health foods in pack lunch boxes

* Leaving biscuits, cakes, sweets, juice & fizzy drinks at home

Thank you for your support

For more info on healthy life-styles speak to a member of staff


Breast Feeding

Did you know that at the Children’s Centre we also offer help and support on all aspects of breast feeding.

 We have staff UNICEF trained to give support and advice daily Monday to Friday.

We can also offer a breast pump and feeding pillow loan service.

If you would like to see or talk to a breast feeding advisor please contact us

on 01235 812969 or ask a member of staff in the Centre.

  We have trained staff to offer help and support on all feeding aspects


Healthy Start vitamins 

You can get free vitamin supplements with Healthy Start, as well as vouchers to buy milk, fruit and vegetables.

 Why are vitamin supplements important? 

You will get most of the vitamins you need if you eat healthy foods. However:

Your young children may not get enough vitamin A, C and D from their food

  • pregnant and breastfeeding women may not get enough vitamin D or folic acid which may harm their baby

Healthy Start beneficiaries are entitled to free vitamin supplements.

Children are entitled to free vitamin supplements from 6 months of age until their fourth birthday.

Women are entitled to free vitamins during pregnancy and up until their baby is one year old.

You can’t use your vouchers to buy any fruit and veg with added fat (oil), salt, sugar or any other ingredient like oven chips or seasoned stir frys. If you aren’t sure check the ingredients label to see if there is anything added.

Check with your Health Visitor to see if you qualify for Healthy Start Vouchers.