Celebrating our Learning Skill Stars

The teachers and pupils at Stephen Freeman would like to congratulate the following children for demonstrating our  learning skills.

Commended this week for being

responsible 17th  March 2017

Red – Rachel has been going the extra mile with her learning this week!

Orange – Joshua has been a kind friend and has made sure that everyone is happy and included in the playground.

Silver – Eden has been following all of the rules and looking out for other children.

Gold – Layton has been helping injured children outside at lunchtime.

Scarlet – Lily-Anne shows how responsible she is by always being kind and friendly to everyone.

Blue – Katie has been helping other people in lots of different ways this week!

Green – Nithya has shown herself to be a kind and generous friend this week.

Yellow Richmond has taken responsibility for his own learning,

Indigo – Fletcher has a positive attitude and responsible approach to improving his handwriting.

Lilac – Lexi-Rose took it upon herself to ensure that younger children were included in a lunchtime game.

Turquoise – Maximus has been a responsible friend and has made sure that no-one is left out.

Magenta – Yomna has shown great maturity and has stood up for what she knows is right.

Violet – Joshua has been asking for additional work to carry out!


Commended this week for being self-motivated 10.3.17

Commended this week for being an effective communicator 3.3.17